Monday, March 28, 2011


So, since I wasn't able to get HL1 working for the weekend.......I know this game will work.
Serious Sam
And it's going to be a lot more funner also.

Here are the files for it:

And let's make it for this upcoming weekend
Also, its up to 16 players

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Can haz new name?

ive grown tired of being weeabro for a year and a half now. any suggestions would be helpful :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Haf Life 1 coop night

Sadly, after trying to make the game work with the old version of half life, it didnt work =/
So HL1 night if crossed off.

Sorry guys..

I think this might be the best place to inform people :P
So I'm gonna be hosting a server on friday night for a Half Life 1 coop game, and let's play till the end!

Here's the things you will need:
(update: doesnt work with the old Half life: just the new one from steam, so I compressed mine so you guys can have the files)


The Half Life 1 game:
Extract the game to your steam folder. (ex: T:\Games\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\)
In the rar file, there is a folder, change the name of it to your steam username

And the coop mod:

If you already got Half life 1, then you don't need to download the game again

If you need help, just contact me.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


A classic, originally created by doctorwingyuuuuen :3

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Broski Awards' soundtrack

Broski Awards Red Carpet

In case for those who didn't attend the Broski Awards... here are the pictures taken at the Red Carpet!

Xitij as DJ of the Awards
Pirate: Co-host of the Broski Awards
Fause: Co-host of the Broski Awards
Blackup: Host of the Broski Awards
Wuddup: Seriously love the rings and beautiful
Widdemz: As usual this man knows his style, clean cut but not too formal, keeping the sexy.
Vicious: Though bed ridden 24/7, he always gets the chance to switch into a more formal attire. Love the black shirt; suits you!
Seaking: Most popular lesbian of the room. She's got the attitude, changing up her hair colour for the Awards, and with amazing results!
Rose: The one the only Asian girl in the room. Let's say her entrace on the red carpet was.... oh you could say mesmorizing O.o
Molly: The chatroom's most muted girl and tease. Curled up for the Awards, we know for sure she's determined to get something out of this Award Ceremony.
Michael: The only asian guy in the chat room (with counterpart Rose). Though with his controversial essay about the Awards, he's definitely being the hypocrite and showing up for the red carpet just to cheer on for his friends. He's also writing this blog :3
Meatwad: A newfag regular of only a few months, this pot smoker is smoking the red carpet with her usual cleavage entrance at the Awards Ceremony!
Mark: Business as usual, Mark is back and taking charge, fighting for biggest douchebag and a few other awards. And folks, we know he'll be taking at least one award.
Mara: Amerifag is back, being the only Jew in the room, she's dressed up beautifully and ready for battle at the Broski Awards.
TGH: One of the oldest oldfags in the history of tinychat. Though over a year old, this senior is walking the red carpet, honoring his fellow
Jaymee: Originally the JB/Biggest Tease a year ago, this legal nominee is walking the red carpet, strutting her amazing shirt. Excellent choice!
Happyblowfish: Adorable as she is. Her eyes are going to be the highlight of the Broski Awards, making everyone at the red carpet d'awwww.
Chuuuu: A summer fag, but a likeable one, she's strutting that cleavage and walking the carpet with her hipster-esque glasses for the nerd-gasms. She's currently nominated for sexiest bitch.
Brobafett: The most elusive of them all, this bounty hunter is taking a break from hunting and coming the red carpet, with an excellent top. She's got the fire in her eyes. We know she's got at least one award. What it will be? Who will know.
Bri: /youmadbro's top 10 teases, this girl never stops bringing her cleavage on cam. And to no surprise, at the red carpet.... do I really have to finish this sentence?
Bongowongo: Unaware of the Broski Awards, bongo doesn't even give a single fuck. After battling through the metal fans, this rock star managed to get to the red carpet, bringing himself and not his crazy fans of course!
Bob: A Professor and fellow man, Bob is infamously known for his abstract attire. Here at the red carpet, he's pulling the french dress suit, and quite frankly you can see the aura of apathy through those sunglasses. He's ready to care less!
Last but not least, Amanda was late for the Broski Awards, as she forgot to wear a bra to the Broski Awards. Regardless, this infamous tease is hungry for awards. And she's doing it with an interesting attire choice. Business-esque with no bra. A femme fatale imo with that dress choice.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Broski Awards

Welcome to the first Broski Awards show!

This is what you've all been waiting for, the most useless day ever where you can vote for the most useless shit ever! :D

Here is the rule for voting:
Only registered users can vote
And you can't vote for yourself
I think that's it

Also, the result will be told live on Friday night, so make sure you don't miss out on this wonderful useless event!

Here are the categories and choices (warning, it's a long list):


Best Internet Troll - Blackup, Kek, Failsafe, Brobafett, erin, Van, Stellarguy, Mark, Saywhat

Best IRL Troll - Kek, TGH

Fail Troll - Stellarguy, Van, mitch, erin

Smartest/Most Intelligent - Grandma, Blackup, Mara, Bob, Failsafe, Fause, Squeakyamanda, Rabidsmurf, Xitij, Widdemz

Dumbest - Mara, Mitch, SqueakyAmanda, Jade, smizz, Brael, Molly

Room Derp - Mitch, Molly, SqueakyAmanda, Ambear, Seaking, Mark, Fause, Xitij, Brobafett

Room Drunk - Blackup, Canuck, Pirate, Chrono, Adrienne, Ben, 16fcali

Room Stoner - Pirate, Seaking, Meatwad

Room Lesbian - Bridgett, Seaking

Room Gayman - Stellarguy, Cujo, Blunderbuss

Sexiest Guy - Stellarguy, random, gma, xitij, mark, blackup, emilio, kek, pirate, TGH, Fause, Ivor, Bob, Dave, Seaninja, Seaking, Iki, Max, Widdemz, Gadgetguy, Ben

Sexiest Bitch - Molly, SqueakyAmanda, Brael, Bridgett, Bri, demonica, Brobafett, Chica, Saywhat, Jaymee, Wuddup, Annz, Meatwad, Snugglepuss, Rose, Booboo, Erin, Maddie, Chuuuu, Mara, Adrienne

Cutest Girl - Ina, Jade, MissVulture, Secretlycute, Carol, HappyBlowFish, Sophie, Lauraine, SqueakyAmanda, Seaking, Brael, Rose, Jaymee, Wuddup, Gallowed, Bri, Moofin, Skillz, alma, rayjayy

Cutest Guy - Mark, Fause, Pirate, TGH, Michael, Blackup, Blunderbuss, Max, Weeaboo, A, Gadgetguy

Room Asshole/Bitch - Mark, gma, Failsafe, Van, Sythe, Boobookittyfux, Seaking, Canuck, Jade, Squeakyamanda, emilio, meatwad, Demonica

Best Mod - Xitij, Fause, Pirate, Kek, Ahab, Mark, a

Worst Mod - Van, Stellarguy, Seaking, 16fcali, Molly

Most Ban Happy - Fause, Mark, Stellarguy, 16fcali, Molly, Ahab, Seaking

Most useless person - Jade, Amanda, Brael, Meatwad, Mitch, Beerninja, aaron, Chillbro

Most useful person - Xitij, Ahab, Fause, Blackup, Failsafe, Mark, Brobafett

Best Tits (exposed) - Jaymee, Booboo, Molly, Seaking, Saywhat, Rose, Freya, Demonica, Mara, Rayjayy

Best Tits (not-exposed) - Squeakyamanda, Bri, Snugglepuss, Wuddup, Brobafett, Meatwad, Annz, Chica

Worst tits - Ambear, kittenowar, wabbit

Biggest Tits - Rose, Booboo, Brobafett, Meatwad, Mara, Snugglepuss, kittenowar, Wabbit

Smallest Tits - Freya, Ambear, aa, Chuuuu, rayjayy, Naha,

Most Corrupt - Failsafe, Molly, Seaking, Kek, Brobafett, Fause, Mark, Xitij

Least Corrupted - Bri, Wuddup, Chica, aa, moofin

Ugliest Male - Kek, Xitij, beerninja, bongo, Fause, Smizz, Failsafe, Toggle, Girthio, bunch

Ugliest female - wabbit, Mara, Molly, Steffa. Ambear, Brael, Erin, kittenowar, Seaking, meatwad

Most liked - Xitij, Blackup, Seaking, Sythe, Ben, Fause, Kek, pirate

Most disliked - Van, Mark, Erin, Sythe, Miek_muted, GMA, vicious

Most creative costume - Blackup, Seaking, Wuddup, Stellarguy, Erin, Carol, Brael

Biggest Tease - SqueakyAmanda, Molly, Bri, Chica, Bridgett

Most Annoying - Erin, SqueakyAmanda, Seaking, Van, Boobookittyfux, meatwad, molly, Mara, Stellarguy

Best Newfag - Brobafett, Rachel (Level 4 Baby - WINNING, duh), Thirteen Pills

Worst Newfag - Chunk, RayJayy, Erin, Meatwad, Brael, Toggle, ballz

Biggest Kiss Ass - A, Vicious, Erin

Horniest - Mark, Molly, Stellarguy

Most Elusive - Maddie, Gadgetguy, Annz, Fluffer, Carol, Rosie, HalfBlackGirl, Ambear, HappyBlowFish, Moofin, Maudite, Semper, 16fcali, Ivan

Biggest Attention Whore - Seaking, Brael, Squeakyamanda, Jade, Stellarguy, Mara, random, toggle, Mark, Van

Kinkiest - Demonica, Mark, Molly, Semper, Blackup, Kek, Bob, Semper

Angriest - Vicious, Mark, Kek, Failsafe

Happiest - Seaking, Wuddup, Moofin

Most Mature - Fause, Blackup, Gma, Sythe, Squeakyamanda, Xitij, Bob, Ivor

Biggest Camwhore - Molly, demonica, Erin, Seaking, Jaymee, Rose, Mark, Annz, Mara, Stellarguy

Most Easily butthurt - Ambear, Mark, Stellarguy, Miek_Muted, Fause, Jade, Rayjayy, Vicious.

Most immune to Trolling - Mara, Sythe, Chillbro, Chunk, Smizz, blackup

Most Gullible - SqueakyAmanda, GMA, Mara, Erin

Biggest Douchebag - Mark, blackup, brosef, Sythe, Nope, Failsafe, Canuckrob, gma, TGH, Van

Sexiest/Nicest Voice - Fause, Kek, Molly, Demonica, Stellarguy, Rabidsmurf, Leckie, Carol, Ben, Bri.

Worst Voice - Mara, Leckie, Gadgetguy, Erin, Van, Chunk, Smizz, Brael, Bongo, Boobookittyfux, & chillbro

Biggest Hypocrite - Stellarguy, Seaking, Harold, Molly, Chunk, Rabidsmurf

Most Articulate - Failsafe, Blackup, Sythe, Fause, Brobafett, girthio, Rabidsmurf

Best Interweb couple - Saywhat & TGH, Sythe & Fluffer, Kek & SecretlyCute, Carol & Johnny

Best Singer - Finkle, Fause

Biggest Whiteknight - Stellarguy, Harold, Vicious, Van, chunk,

Room Punching Bag - Chunk, Mara

Best Archive - Ahab, aaron, kek, Xitij

Room Creeper - Vicious, Chunk, Gadgetguy, Miek_Muted, bswizz

Biggest Traitor - Annz, BsWizz, Widdemz, Blackup

Marathon users - Aaron, Fause, Vicious, Jade, Xitij, Blackup

Best dad- Saywhat's Dad


Happy voting!


(edit: use Ahab's template to vote to make it simple for everyone)

Best Internet Troll-
Best IRL Troll-
Fail Troll-
Smartest/Most Intelligent -
Dumbest -
Room Derp -
Room Drunk -
Room Stoner -
Room Lesbian -
Room Gayman -
Sexiest Guy -
Sexiest Bitch -
Cutest Girl -
Cutest Guy -
Room Asshole/Bitch -
Best Mod -
Worst Mod -
Most Ban Happy -
Most Uesless Person -
Most Useful Person -
Best Tits (exposed) -
Best Tits (not-exposed) -
Worst Tits -
Biggest Tits -
Smallest Tits -
Most Corrupt -
Least Corrupted -
Ugliest Male -
Ugliest Female -
Most Liked -
Most Disliked -
Most Creative Costume -
Biggest Tease -
Most Annoying -
Best Newfag -
Worst Newfag -
Biggest Kiss Ass -
Horniest -
Most Elusive -
Biggest Attention Whore -
Kinkiest -
Angriest -
Happiest -
Most Mature -
Biggest Camwhore -
Most Easily Butthurt -
Most Immune to Trolling -
Most Gullible -
Biggest Douchebag -
Sexiest/Nicest Voice -
Worst Voice -
Biggest Hypocrite -
Most Articulate -
Best Interweb Couple -
Best Singer -
Biggest Whiteknight -
Room Punching Bag -
Best Archive -
Room Creeper -
Biggest Traitor -
Marathon Users -
Best dad -

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Johnny's impotent .....

But you didn't hear it from me