Monday, October 31, 2011

Oh Noodle, how thy I wonder. Part 2

[5:36 AM] lol: u know what so much fun
[5:36 AM] lol: coming back n seeing that ur the only 1 talking
[5:36 AM] faus: welcome back noodle
[5:37 AM] lol: then reading how u think im mad cuz u play god on tc
[5:37 AM] lol: lools
[5:37 AM] faus: I thought you said you were over it
[5:37 AM] faus: why are you still PMing me about, religiously
[5:37 AM] faus: ?
[5:37 AM] lol: its funny to see how u react to some randome
[5:37 AM] faus: How am I reacting?
[5:38 AM] faus: Let me rephrase that, you may not understand what I meant
[5:38 AM] lol: hows ur house
[5:38 AM] faus: What expression do you believe I'm making
[5:38 AM] faus: The house is fine, a little snowed up, but it'll melt
[5:39 AM] lol: idc bout what u have to say
[5:39 AM] lol: i like pming u n watching u replay
[5:39 AM] lol: like ur all smart n godly
[5:40 AM] faus: What's funny is
[5:40 AM] lol: ur a fag sorry
[5:40 AM] faus: I PM you for the same reason
[5:40 AM] faus: You're also clearly intimidated by me cause you keep making claims about me
[5:40 AM] faus: that I've never made, personallly
[5:40 AM] faus: it's called projection
[5:41 AM] faus: so the faggotry you see, is actually your own
[5:41 AM] lol has left

Oh Noodle, how thy I wonder.

[4:09 AM] mr_clark: hey u ragebann nazi mod
[4:09 AM] faus: hello butthurt ranger
[4:09 AM] mr_clark: oh n im not mad b ur butthurt
[4:10 AM] faus: I am?
[4:10 AM] mr_clark: n it shows wen u ragebann
[4:10 AM] mr_clark: lols
[4:10 AM] faus: It's not rage banning when it gets the beautiful results like this
[4:10 AM] faus: you've been going on about it for days
[4:10 AM] faus: this is a glorious win on my part
[4:10 AM] faus: thank you
[4:10 AM] mr_clark: dude ppl have been telling me after you
[4:10 AM] faus: ok
[4:10 AM] mr_clark: bann u explain to any1 listening whyfor hours
[4:11 AM] mr_clark: so u fail
[4:11 AM] faus: could you retype that sentence
[4:11 AM] faus: don't quite understand it
[4:11 AM] mr_clark: u did n ur butthurt again
[4:11 AM] mr_clark: lols drama queen
[4:12 AM] faus: I think you're actually being a drama queen, seeing as how we
[4:12 AM] faus: mostly talk about games and such
[4:12 AM] faus: and you PM me each day
[4:12 AM] faus: religiously
[4:12 AM] mr_clark: lols dont pm me urdrama queen answers
[4:12 AM] faus: it's okay if you were hurt by my actions
[4:12 AM] mr_clark: im over it
[4:12 AM] faus: If you are then why do you continue to PM me each day?
[4:12 AM] mr_clark: build a bridge n get over it
[4:12 AM] mr_clark: ty
[4:12 AM] faus: lol
[4:12 AM] faus: okay
[4:13 AM] faus: stay healthy, don't get a heart attack over the bans bro
[4:13 AM] faus: here comes another one

But he left before he got banned =/

Monday, October 10, 2011

Can you take it?

This is today's small challenge. Try to watch the video.
Good luck to you all.