Monday, December 27, 2010

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Hello YMB, it is I Seaking. Hope everyone had/is having a lovely holiday, I know I am...I think.
As most of you may know, I'm spending/spent christmas with staci, the ginger I'm in love with. I originally came with the intention of trying to get back together with her while I was here....but I don't think I'm getting another chance. Sadly, I'm pretty sure shes over me and wants nothing to do with me, as far as a relationship goes anyways. So I'm just sitting here beside her on the couch wanting to say all that cheesey crap that people say to other people when they're madly in love, but I know it's just going to fall on empty ears. :(

Seaking is now Sadking

Happy Holidays YMB <3
I love you guys!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

gadget call #2

new update from gadget
he had his court case today
they didn't drop the case
more waiting
next session in march
then next one in september
apparently it could go on for years
they have nothing to go on and he feels it's laughable but upset that they are dragging him through the mud
apparently he had to post some bail to limit restrictions - he can now visit people's houses who have computers
so maybe he can use them (?) but probably not.

I wish my baths were as good as his.

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Monday, December 20, 2010

report from gadget

so i was wrapping gifts tonight
and my phone rings
blocked number
so i answer
and it's gadgetguy LOL

we chatted for about 30 mins
heres the long&short
his charge - juvenile pornography
from a company he used to work for
he suspects they planted images to get him for knowing too much about the illegal inner-workings of this company
there is no evidence
he is back at home now
not allowed to use the internet
he has another hearing on tuesday
he has plead not guilty
they may drop the case
if not he will be waiting for a year

he wants everyone to know he is ok
and he also wants everyone to know if someone chats to him on msn or yahoo messenger
to not talk to them or to ask clarifying questions


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Blake McGrath

Okay, If you don't know him, you can certainly google him. lol

So anyway, I was at this event thingy Aug 8th and he was one of many performers, and I recorded his performances and put them on YouTube. The Other Day I got some youtube messages from him:

Hey bud its Blake
could you please take down my summer rush vids. Looking back it was my first show and I only wish the best stuff to be up. I hope you understand. get back to me! Thanks Blake

So i reply "I put the videos as unlisted. I don't know why you're that concerned about it. It was one of your first shows and it may not have been the best but your fans love it. Although there are a few negative comments, majority of people love it. I really liked it. You're the only artist that I recorded all songs you performed from start to finish from Summer Rush. :p

Also, Burn the Floor, I need lyrics, I have no idea what is being said like 30 secs into the song lol. Its a really good song though, I love it. Also when relax gets played in the bars I go to, I just go nuts :P But there are some DJs who Don't have you though :( but I try and request you whenever i can, and the ones who do have relax it's usually limited to that, I think Burn the Floor would be a good club tune, so you should make that the next single, just sayin :) and I totally over play your songs off my ipod in my car for ALL my friends.

anyway, ill stop rambling :P, Have a good one Blake.

P.S. I would not be against finding a poster of you to stick to my wall one day :P"

He comes back with "
I would really appreciate it if you could just take them down for me please. I will send you the burn the floor lyrics! Its my work and I would love it if youy can take them down. I hope you understand. Blake"
ii will also get u a signed poster and album!! Please take them down. xoxo Blake"

"Warning: You have selected more than one video for deletion.

Are you sure you want to delete the selected videos?

Okay, they're off.. on the plus side, I won't get e-mail alerts on a weekly basis from people commenting on them xD lol"

send me an adress i will get a cd and poster send out first thing new year! U ROCKKKKKKK"

"I'm pretty sure you're the bomb, Just sayin :) Also, Not too many artists have songs that I listen to literally EVERYDAY at least once. Burn the Floor, Penthouse, Relax and Stage Fright are my favs, Relax being my ringtone :p


Thanks Blake, you're awesome. Also I can't wait for upcoming music videos, You're amazing =D"

So hopefully when the new year rolls around he stays true to it, I mean it's not that hard for me to repost the videos either. lol

CuJo xD

Oh Ersu

Gentle wake up call :)

This is at 4AM, trying to wake up Ersu and this what

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Forgive me Internet, for I have sinned.

Uh... you guys have probably noticed my lack of presence. I apologize... I've been really busy with work and uh, boyfriend. Sorry.

I'll try to be good from now on and y'know, not occupy my time with making money and having great sex. D:

Goodnight My Sweet Princess

So I've never been more upset or miserably depressed about anything in my entire life.
Today, Monday December 13 a little after 11:20 pm my cat Cucumber passed away.
I'm gonna miss my little princess.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

A busines propostion by hthre

Safety Notice: Never give out your contact information or picture. You can be recorded while using video. More video chat safety tips.

[16:05] hthre: Sir, are you interested in a busines propostion?
[16:05] xitij: sure
[16:06] hthre: Hello, sir, I am Victor Kwasigha, from Nigeria
[16:06] hthre: My father was a businessman, and was visting the US
[16:06] hthre: when he was kidnapped
[16:07] hthre: He has left several millions USD in a bank Account
[16:07] hthre: wich only US citizens have access to
[16:07] hthre: I would please if you coud pass me your SSN, phone number and address
[16:08] xitij: but im canadian
[16:08] xitij: =/
[16:08] hthre: Sir, that if fine
[16:08] hthre: You have a bank account correct?
[16:08] xitij: how can it be fine?
[16:08] hthre: what do you make a living at sir?
[16:09] xitij: i make 250 000 a year
[16:09] hthre: What is your industry?
[16:09] xitij: network admin
[16:10] xitij: also, how can it be fine if im canadian and its a US bank
[16:10] xitij: i cant access it
[16:10] xitij: at all
[16:10] hthre: The money will be transfered to a candian bank
[16:10] xitij: use logic
[16:10] xitij: suree
[16:10] hthre: and you can then retrive the money
[16:10] hthre: but first I need to ensure you are right for the transaction
[16:10] xitij: like you said, only a US citizen can retreive it
[16:10] xitij: soo
[16:10] xitij: you are not making sense
[16:11] hthre: yes, but the money will be transfered to a candian bank
[16:11] hthre: so you can retrieve it
[16:11] hthre: but you need to expend a certain amount
[16:11] xitij: how will it be transfered
[16:11] xitij: by who
[16:11] hthre: in to cover the international wire transfer
[16:11] hthre: approx $3500 to cover the wire transfer
[16:12] xitij: ahah
[16:12] xitij: like i said, who will transfer it to a canadian bank?
[16:12] hthre: look xiti iwant you to quit from this transaction you are a complite fool.
[16:13] hthre: Don't ever mail me agan
[16:13] hthre: you are not interested
[16:13] xitij: i didnt mail you
[16:13] xitij: you are chatting
[16:13] xitij: learn english
[16:13] xitij: its complete
[16:13] xitij: not complite

I love the grammar XD

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oh That Looks Nice....

I like what you've guys have done with the place, it looks a lot classier in here. And gay.

Attached is a picture of how my life is


Jackson and I are best buddies <3

Sunday, December 5, 2010

CuJo's going crazy

Not that any of you really care, but you're still people I consider friends and may or may not be interested in my life. Even if it's not going to be read, just typing it out makes me feel better. Love you guys <3
So Happy drunken CuJo from last night turned into grumpy annoyed CuJo by the end of the night because stupid me can't control his stupid feelings.
The time away from Brendan that I want has not been mutually agreed, in fact, on wednesday, in reply to me telling him i like him and need to distance myself a bit from him was "You should come to the Gym with me, you'd make a good spot".. And that night he asked me what time i was showing up to the bar, to which i replied "I never said i was going anywhere?" and he was like, i assumed you would be.. and then he showed up and found us, and I gave him the cold shoulder, and he got all butthurt and sad and went all solo in the patio section in the cold winter weather, and i noticed this a few times and felt super bad so eventually just went and talked to him. Fuck it was cold outside.
Basically he said he's sorry he leads me on and that he wasn't gay because he really wants me to be happy and doesn't want me to struggle being around him, and how Candice is like his perfect girl (for some reason) and that he doesn't like being used for 1 night stands and that me and my friends are genuine good people.
So we were on better terms, the last 2 times at the bar he is the same way he was before I told him I like him, which he says he's just a flirty person overall. But it doesn't make it easy to be around him, especially when he says he's sorry for leading me on, but doesn't stop. But yea, saturday night I just got pissy for no apparent reason and just lost all my fun-ness and felt like a complete D-bag cause I was isolating myself. I have the tendency to close myself off to people I'm close to when upset.
I'm still trying to figure myself out and such, and not sure how to go about this whole Brendan situation, but I do want to stay in the friend zone, I just need to learn to separate my feelings. Hopefully this happens sooner than later.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Semper hates snow

unless i'm on a sleigh..

but i still hate it

Lovely stalker

[2:15] med: WHY ARE U SO HOT
[2:16] xitij: because my parents are hot?
[2:16] med: ID HUMP U DAD
[2:17] med: BYE CUNT

[2:19] tom: DIRTY LIL CUNT

[2:20] sara: BIG FAT CUNT

[2:21] tina: STOP U CUNT


[2:22] boo: MMMM CUNT


[2:25] n: IM IN U TREE CUNT

[2:27] poop: CAN I CUM IN YOUR CUNT

[2:29] mark: STINKY CUNT

[2:30] barry: HAIRY CUNT

[2:31] sal: EGGROLL CUNT



[2:34] yyyy: CHINK CUNT

[2:44] sexy: CUNT

Soooo much love <3 XD