Thursday, December 9, 2010

A busines propostion by hthre

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[16:05] hthre: Sir, are you interested in a busines propostion?
[16:05] xitij: sure
[16:06] hthre: Hello, sir, I am Victor Kwasigha, from Nigeria
[16:06] hthre: My father was a businessman, and was visting the US
[16:06] hthre: when he was kidnapped
[16:07] hthre: He has left several millions USD in a bank Account
[16:07] hthre: wich only US citizens have access to
[16:07] hthre: I would please if you coud pass me your SSN, phone number and address
[16:08] xitij: but im canadian
[16:08] xitij: =/
[16:08] hthre: Sir, that if fine
[16:08] hthre: You have a bank account correct?
[16:08] xitij: how can it be fine?
[16:08] hthre: what do you make a living at sir?
[16:09] xitij: i make 250 000 a year
[16:09] hthre: What is your industry?
[16:09] xitij: network admin
[16:10] xitij: also, how can it be fine if im canadian and its a US bank
[16:10] xitij: i cant access it
[16:10] xitij: at all
[16:10] hthre: The money will be transfered to a candian bank
[16:10] xitij: use logic
[16:10] xitij: suree
[16:10] hthre: and you can then retrive the money
[16:10] hthre: but first I need to ensure you are right for the transaction
[16:10] xitij: like you said, only a US citizen can retreive it
[16:10] xitij: soo
[16:10] xitij: you are not making sense
[16:11] hthre: yes, but the money will be transfered to a candian bank
[16:11] hthre: so you can retrieve it
[16:11] hthre: but you need to expend a certain amount
[16:11] xitij: how will it be transfered
[16:11] xitij: by who
[16:11] hthre: in to cover the international wire transfer
[16:11] hthre: approx $3500 to cover the wire transfer
[16:12] xitij: ahah
[16:12] xitij: like i said, who will transfer it to a canadian bank?
[16:12] hthre: look xiti iwant you to quit from this transaction you are a complite fool.
[16:13] hthre: Don't ever mail me agan
[16:13] hthre: you are not interested
[16:13] xitij: i didnt mail you
[16:13] xitij: you are chatting
[16:13] xitij: learn english
[16:13] xitij: its complete
[16:13] xitij: not complite

I love the grammar XD


  1. i would just like to say i think seaking wants attention and you are taking away form that ... you should stop it right now and give seaking more attention

  2. Wow Xitij. This guy sounds legit. You should have complited the transfer!

  3. He msgd me, i gave him all information, now im gunna be rich! :)

  4. Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuys
    why you change background? :(