Thursday, December 16, 2010

Blake McGrath

Okay, If you don't know him, you can certainly google him. lol

So anyway, I was at this event thingy Aug 8th and he was one of many performers, and I recorded his performances and put them on YouTube. The Other Day I got some youtube messages from him:

Hey bud its Blake
could you please take down my summer rush vids. Looking back it was my first show and I only wish the best stuff to be up. I hope you understand. get back to me! Thanks Blake

So i reply "I put the videos as unlisted. I don't know why you're that concerned about it. It was one of your first shows and it may not have been the best but your fans love it. Although there are a few negative comments, majority of people love it. I really liked it. You're the only artist that I recorded all songs you performed from start to finish from Summer Rush. :p

Also, Burn the Floor, I need lyrics, I have no idea what is being said like 30 secs into the song lol. Its a really good song though, I love it. Also when relax gets played in the bars I go to, I just go nuts :P But there are some DJs who Don't have you though :( but I try and request you whenever i can, and the ones who do have relax it's usually limited to that, I think Burn the Floor would be a good club tune, so you should make that the next single, just sayin :) and I totally over play your songs off my ipod in my car for ALL my friends.

anyway, ill stop rambling :P, Have a good one Blake.

P.S. I would not be against finding a poster of you to stick to my wall one day :P"

He comes back with "
I would really appreciate it if you could just take them down for me please. I will send you the burn the floor lyrics! Its my work and I would love it if youy can take them down. I hope you understand. Blake"
ii will also get u a signed poster and album!! Please take them down. xoxo Blake"

"Warning: You have selected more than one video for deletion.

Are you sure you want to delete the selected videos?

Okay, they're off.. on the plus side, I won't get e-mail alerts on a weekly basis from people commenting on them xD lol"

send me an adress i will get a cd and poster send out first thing new year! U ROCKKKKKKK"

"I'm pretty sure you're the bomb, Just sayin :) Also, Not too many artists have songs that I listen to literally EVERYDAY at least once. Burn the Floor, Penthouse, Relax and Stage Fright are my favs, Relax being my ringtone :p


Thanks Blake, you're awesome. Also I can't wait for upcoming music videos, You're amazing =D"

So hopefully when the new year rolls around he stays true to it, I mean it's not that hard for me to repost the videos either. lol

CuJo xD


  1. what a twat.
    my best friend worked with him on so you think you can dance canada, and said he was a giant prick.


  2. EVERYTHING you post is retarded enough for me to not get passed the first paragraph.