Sunday, December 26, 2010


Hello YMB, it is I Seaking. Hope everyone had/is having a lovely holiday, I know I am...I think.
As most of you may know, I'm spending/spent christmas with staci, the ginger I'm in love with. I originally came with the intention of trying to get back together with her while I was here....but I don't think I'm getting another chance. Sadly, I'm pretty sure shes over me and wants nothing to do with me, as far as a relationship goes anyways. So I'm just sitting here beside her on the couch wanting to say all that cheesey crap that people say to other people when they're madly in love, but I know it's just going to fall on empty ears. :(

Seaking is now Sadking

Happy Holidays YMB <3
I love you guys!

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  1. oh seaking, you hopeless romantic. :>