Monday, December 20, 2010

report from gadget

so i was wrapping gifts tonight
and my phone rings
blocked number
so i answer
and it's gadgetguy LOL

we chatted for about 30 mins
heres the long&short
his charge - juvenile pornography
from a company he used to work for
he suspects they planted images to get him for knowing too much about the illegal inner-workings of this company
there is no evidence
he is back at home now
not allowed to use the internet
he has another hearing on tuesday
he has plead not guilty
they may drop the case
if not he will be waiting for a year

he wants everyone to know he is ok
and he also wants everyone to know if someone chats to him on msn or yahoo messenger
to not talk to them or to ask clarifying questions



  1. >> The last part is pretty legit I guess but still

  2. At least he wont be eating Turkey dinner in jail.

  3. i'm glad to hear this, i was so fucking worried D:

  4. Thanks for the update, babe! I was concerned :/

  5. Gadget called me last week during one of my exams, and left a message...I was going to call him back when my finals were over, but the message was deleted cause it only stays in my inbox for a few days :S
    Good to know he's ok!