Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dick fire

Just another morning in Bro You Mad.


  1. [4:51 AM] daddy: cute smile
  2. [4:51 AM] rickshaw: daddy?
  3. [4:51 AM] daddy: yeah
  4. [4:51 AM] rickshaw: are you my daddy?
  5. [4:52 AM] daddy: yes cutie
  6. [4:52 AM] daddy: have you been good
  7. [4:52 AM] rickshaw: so... does this mean we might have incest sex?
  8. [4:52 AM] daddy: if your naughty then daddy will have to punish you
  9. [4:52 AM] rickshaw: well
  10. [4:52 AM] rickshaw: im gonna call child service
  11. [4:53 AM] daddy: lol
  12. [4:53 AM] rickshaw: and the police daddy
  13. [4:53 AM] daddy: cute grin
  14. [4:53 AM] rickshaw: no daddy, no
  15. [4:53 AM] rickshaw: dont do this to me
  16. [4:53 AM] daddy: touch your lips
  17. [4:54 AM] rickshaw: I dont want to daddy :(
  18. [4:54 AM] daddy: daddys not asking
  19. [4:54 AM] daddy: put ur index finger in ur mouth
  20. [4:54 AM] rickshaw: isnt this rape daddy? :(
  21. [4:54 AM] daddy: not yet
  22. [4:54 AM] rickshaw: im afraid daddy, where's mom?
  23. [4:55 AM] daddy: daddy just wants to see how u have grown
  24. [4:55 AM] daddy: put ur finger in ur mouth
  25. [4:55 AM] daddy: suck daddys finger
  26. [4:56 AM] daddy: mommys gone away
  27. [4:57 AM] rickshaw: daddy
  28. [4:57 AM] rickshaw: im kinda getting hot
  29. [4:57 AM] rickshaw: is this normal?
  30. [4:57 AM] daddy: do it
  31. [4:57 AM] rickshaw: ok
  32. [4:58 AM] rickshaw: is it normal that my penis is arousing?
  33. [4:58 AM] daddy: lol
  34. [4:58 AM] daddy: do it
  35. [4:59 AM] rickshaw: i am doing it daddy
  36. [4:59 AM] rickshaw: im afraid
  37. [4:59 AM] rickshaw: but getting hot
  38. [4:59 AM] daddy: suck ur finger for daddy
  39. [5:00 AM] daddy: ??
  40. [5:01 AM] rickshaw: are you watching my camera right now?
  41. [5:04 AM] daddy left the room

Enjoy you kids

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Future

After a long talk about the room itself, we came to a conclusion for the survival of the room.

The best options we have to keep the community going and keeping it alive is to continue trolling faggots who come in the room. So if you guys want to have fun, troll, make people cry, tinychat is the best option since people don’t need to register to cam up and the traffic is pretty high there and you would get to see newcomers every day so we can have fun.

Icanhazchat is also nice place better overall for its function for users and mods and able to come and talk with other people from mobile devices. There is no cambans because there are different rules for 15+ and 18+ rooms and nudity is permitted on the 18+ rooms.

Both of the sites got their ups and downs.
So in my opinion, we stick to tinychat for the fun of trolling and icanhazchat for events like topless Tuesday or five finger game etc.

So we want your opinion on this on this decision so we can keep this community alive.