Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Future

After a long talk about the room itself, we came to a conclusion for the survival of the room.

The best options we have to keep the community going and keeping it alive is to continue trolling faggots who come in the room. So if you guys want to have fun, troll, make people cry, tinychat is the best option since people don’t need to register to cam up and the traffic is pretty high there and you would get to see newcomers every day so we can have fun.

Icanhazchat is also nice place better overall for its function for users and mods and able to come and talk with other people from mobile devices. There is no cambans because there are different rules for 15+ and 18+ rooms and nudity is permitted on the 18+ rooms.

Both of the sites got their ups and downs.
So in my opinion, we stick to tinychat for the fun of trolling and icanhazchat for events like topless Tuesday or five finger game etc.

So we want your opinion on this on this decision so we can keep this community alive.


  1. I prefer ichc due to the fact it actually doesn't have randoms. From a woman's perspective, it is pretty nice to just be able to chill and chat without having to see a PM notification pop up every 2 seconds. Not to mention, of the randoms that come in, we reject the vast majority. This isn't to say that I'm not thankful for the newer members that we do have. It's only to say that everyone that comes in to the room tends to be annoying as fuck. This in turn leads to people talking over each other, horrible music blasting, 13 year olds trying to act tough, etc (you get the idea). I suppose the point I'm trying to get at with all of this is that ichc just feels more organized and like we are using it for the actual purpose of a chat room: to carry out conversations. I feel like actual conversations on tc are a rarity now.
    Also, going back to the original reason for the room change, tc is just getting overly retarded. I've gotten banned for wearing a tanktop several times now. Do I need to cam up with a hijab to not be cambanned?? And I'll throw in here that the paying to be able to have a semi-decent frame rate, put capital letters in your username, and use "camFX" that everyone already has through manycam anyways is just retarded.
    If we do end up choosing to stick with tc instead, I won't throw a conniption over it. I am fine going with whatever works best for everyone else. I get that tc has its benefits, and it is fun to fuck with randoms or attempt to get new regs every once in awhile. I just prefer ichc as the main room and tc perhaps for when ichc is dead.

    tl;dr i like ichc more, but will be okay no matter what choice is made.

    <3 Wuddup

  2. When it comes to functionality, ICHC is far superior. The only thing I prefer about tinychat is the increased amount of traffic. I get bored talking to you maggots all the time, but when I do enjoy it, I prefer the ICHC setting. This is why having both rooms is a good idea. We just need to find a good balance of when to use which room.

    - Widdemz

  3. Just use Tinychat as the primary chat and when we feel like getting naughty... er I mean adults, just use ICHC. People use Skype on the side along with TC, so why can't this be the same? If all of us are in the chat and are tired of failtrolls barreling in, just be like, "lets go ICHC" and do our thing. But idk that's just me. I don't even care. I'mma get drunk.

  4. I am 100% okay with this. Despite having to deal with weird pms in TC, they're not too hard to ignore, and I agree with Beer as far as just kind of supplementing the TC room with the ICHC room. No objections from me.