Tuesday, December 21, 2010

gadget call #2

new update from gadget
he had his court case today
they didn't drop the case
more waiting
next session in march
then next one in september
apparently it could go on for years
they have nothing to go on and he feels it's laughable but upset that they are dragging him through the mud
apparently he had to post some bail to limit restrictions - he can now visit people's houses who have computers
so maybe he can use them (?) but probably not.


  1. This is nuts, with the vague way the government has been going about this case one can only wonder how many innocent men and women are in prison right now. These are the same guys who are responsible for the safety of the people! How can they continue a case without any evidence to justify continuation?

  2. Canadian legal system... you fail us once again. :/

    As we all know, I have very little faith in what we call "justice."

    Those who don't deserve to be put trial are tried without fairness and those who do deserve to be punished are not being given the penalties that were originally written.