Friday, September 3, 2010

A fine morning to wake up to... FOR ME TO POOP ON

Sadly to say, HaroldnKumar just bought Bad Cuntpony 2 only to sadly be interrupted by the morning's usual amount of faggotry and underage b&. Unphased, this gigantic white knight dickbag decides to ruin all the fun and bans practically 30~4 people out of the room, for 2 things only;

1) So he can enjoy playing his game not interrupted
2) So this bag of dicks can sleep knowing he did a marginal amount of work he thinks is "enough" to keep the room "clean" for the "morning".

Dumbass keeps forgetting if you ban one new fag, two more takes its place.

At least the only thing that's keeping me awake and ignoring all the faggotry is this newfag Bambi (fuckable) girl with some motor-boating worthy cleavage.

Quote of the Morning goes to hakanankara34 (who got banned for saying the phrase below)

[7:55] hakanankara34: bambi

[7:55] hakanankara34: your boobs are so dick like my cock


  1. LOL I saw her this morning. Her tits were quite amazing, but her hair looked awful; were those dreads or something?


  2. Yes Hont, those were indeed deadlocks. Sadly, they aren't well made, probably done by herself or a close friend who was drugged to shit. :D