Sunday, October 17, 2010

TinyChat Meet Adventures: Disasters in Projectile Vomit

Edit: Alright...time to do a full on summary of the night... with pictures included.

The evening began when Blackup and I finally arrived at the hotel and Xitij hopped into the vehicle and we went on an adventure to find snacks, a flat of water, and a liquor store. There's a good chance we were out longer than expected as we got lost around the area looking for a goddamn LCBO and detoured onto Orfus Rd (Oriface Rd) just to say we could. Eventually we find our liquor store and a conversation with Xitij went down kind of like this:

Xitij: "Should I buy this 151? Oh's $45...but it's 75%!"
Rose: "You really want to get fucked up for that much money?"
Xitij: "Fuck it, I'm buying it."

Upon bringing all our shit back to the hotel, we realized this bottle of 151 was labeled as "FLAMMABLE." Clearly, we knew what we were getting ourselves into...or did we?

Debauchery occurred in Rob's hotel room for the rest of the night. Beer, liquor and lulz ensued. Pictures and videos were taken. Cupcakes were eaten. Conversations and laughs occurred.

Sometime during the night, a dogpile on the bed happened and everyone fell to the floor which resulted in me sustaining an injury in the form of a large fuckin' bruise on the side of my leg. There's also a possibility I tripped over Adrienne's purse and face planted. This is NOTHING however, compared to what then happened:

This was the calm before the storm.

And this, ladies and gentlemen...:

Was the shit show that ended Blackup's night, caused me to turn on my mother complex and clean him up, and pretty much the highlight of the entire night.

Guys. This is what happens when you meet the internet.


  1. Don't let Krusty's death get you down, boy. People get thrown up on all the time. Why, you could wake up thrown up on tomorrow! Well, good night.

  2. Apperantly i missed a good party D:

    vomit is super effective!

  3. I want to see all the footage from this... I saw that camera that you guys had... Also is xitij alright?

  4. People pay good money for that kind of treatment XD

  5. Blackup looks good with puke on his face :p.

  6. "Get him off! Get him off! Get him off me!"

  7. i didn't think it was possible to lol harder every time i see that, but i do.

  8. i'm never going to a party with you guys

  9. sircrashalot-ShawnJanuary 29, 2011 at 4:59 AM

    ewww sk lol that awesome OWNED!