Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stellar The Cum Dumpster

Well, because you all care about me and my sex life, I figure I would tell you all about my current dilemma (If you can call it that..)
As you all know, I am a whiny guy when it comes to the fact that my love life is lonely, lust less and highly composed of drunk women instead of studly, muscly, testosterone brimming male vessels. This was however, not always the case. When I turned 18 and had secks with my first man, I went crazy. I became a skinny raging, charging moose looking for all the ass and dick I could have on, around, above, below and inside me at a single time. This was when many of you "God-like Oldfags (As Aaron puts it)" first met me way back when in a time warp in Transsexual Transylvania. I was a whore, a slut, a little flower with a battered boy pussy (I used the term for you Ben :3) and I was loving every moment of it. Eventually it slowed down, I realized I was not so much doing something wrong as I was simply being unfulfilled emotionally, and only being filled physically... physically with many HOT THROBBING cock. I had emotionally become a woman, I needed more than to be touched, and it sent me into a downward spiral of emotastic adventures that were being on tinychat all day long. This emoism caused me to be sent into the southern spin of being sad because I couldn't get a loving boyfriend, and the lack of drive to change it... until now.
The Sex Issue: I've slept with 3 different men in the past week, going for my forth later today... And in current foresight, it's not just another raincloud... it seems like a storm; it's 1:30 in the morning as of this sentence. I feel myself being drawn towards the male sirens song and his huge cock he uses as the flute to lure me. It feels amazing, but I have this nag in the back of my head, my fucking id is overriding my ego, and it got me nowhere good for over a year. However, the cause for my annum of sexual deprivation, and pseudo...ish depression also happens to be the only thing that gets my out of that nasty circle. What I fear is that it will send me back down, right where I started.

Wat do...
Btw, Van. Wanna make it my fifth this week?


  1. You should write a super gay erotic novel about your life. I'd buy it

  2. Second that van needs it in the pooper

  3. I agree with you Dr. Nguyen, van really needs it in the pooper.