Monday, June 20, 2011

Good News Everyone!

Ro epically dropped his own facebook account on tinychat :3 Lets see what we can do here....

So with a little facebook stalking, and google translate, I'm sending this little baby to his relatives for teh lulz.

A quem possa interessar,
Eu geralmente não falar com estranhos, mas desta vez um onde eu preciso. Para o resto desta mensagem que terá que digitar em Inglês, caso contrário esta mensagem inteira será terrivelmente traduzido.

Your (insert relation to ro), Rodrigo Medina has recently been on a website called tinychat (specifically For the last 3 weeks, he has been coming onto this website, insulting and asking women on the site to do sexual favors (asking for breasts, vagina, and other things). Even if you may think this is a prank, I can assure you, it is not. He comes into the room under the name "ro" or "mary" or "jenny", and trying to "marry" these girls from the internet. I'm writing this message not because I want you to be aware that your brother is being perverted and trying to get women from the internet, but to politely ask him to stop doing this. He threatens to know "terrorists" or "murder" our girls in the website and it's just not a very nice thing to say.

Being Rodrigo's (insert relation to ro), I hope you can do us a favor and tell him to stop coming to this room. He's does not contribute to any conversations in the room and is a pervert.

I hope you are not the same as him.

Thank you for your time,


Tinychat Administrator of

I apologize that I don't have any chat log messages or recordings of your brother in the act of being a pervert but I assure you for the next days, I will have my friends record the room. Again, this is not a joke, your brother has been harassing us for the last 3 weeks.



  1. Nice Michael. I say this is a win... Dr. Win.

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  8. idiots you think that facebook was mine? hahah I have hacked his facebook and I put in this his link in that chat.

  9. Boy, he just keeps getting dumber.

  10. I'm Dani_douglas and I have hacked ro's facebook and I have entered in th room as ro. hahahaha. I neither same know who is that fuck ro.

  11. ^ All ro trying to convince you that it isn't his because he's scared. :3

  12. "He's does not contribute"


  13. the fuck is this shit I dont even..