Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Crazy Jamaican Man

Well, after the sun goes down and before the night life starts... there is a period of nothing to do but have a few cocktails and laugh about the crazy Jamaican man with the girls you just met a few days ago. You see, I have been here 8 days now and I see him more than once a day, he takes a few steps... turns and stares at you... does an amazing dance move and screams what I believe to be profanities. He does this all day, every day and he simply walks the 7 mile stretch back and forth.

We talk about the boat because we're scared he would come after us for recording him :P


  1. Should of showed him your penis.

  2. Showing him my penis would have done nothing but aggrivate him.

  3. Hope you're enjoying your time there.

  4. sounds like a murlock :p